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For a manager in a recruitement agency

You are a manager in a recruitment agency?

If you are working for a recruitment agency and you are in charge of placing foreigners as external consultants or employees with Belgian companies, you probably know that recruiting foreign consultants or employees implies that one has to deal with a more and more complex personnel administration and increasingly strict regulations concerning HR-policy (“Limosa”-regulations, fines for not complying with the social security regulations, increasingly frequent inspections, …).

You may also know from personal experience how time-consuming and cumbersome “silly” administrative formalities can be for yourself, the employers and the employees. You may even have experiences with promising deals gone wrong due to “stupid” administrative difficulties.

Furthermore, the market for recruitment agencies has become increasingly competitive, your clients have become increasingly demanding, and there is a great need for an extensive and diversified service, not in the least as far as the practical and/or administrative aspects of the recruitment process are concerned.

We can help you offer your clients as extensive and flexible a service as possible and thus consolidate your position on the market. Axeasy is specialized in dealing with about every administrative aspect of working with international personnel in Belgium. If you find the perfect candidate for the job, we can make sure that any administrative and practical obstacles are removed, so that he or she can actually be placed. Furthermore, you can offer your clients through us an administrative follow-up of the file as an extra service, so that recruiting the foreign candidates selected by your agency does not imply any supplementary administrative troubles to them:

We help you deal with the specific obligations concerning the recruitment of foreign personnel in Belgium:

  • “Limosa” declaration and verification
  • Advice about which professional status (employee, self-employed consultant, …) is the best solution for any particular profile
  • payroll solutions
  • work permits and visa
  • verifying contracts

We make sure that the consultant is fulfilling his administrative obligations, and hence is able to do his job without unnecessary troubles, and that he is conforming to the Belgian fiscal and social security regulations.

We offer our services in different formats, according to your specific needs and the particular profile of the consultant you wish to place and to the extent to which you wish to do the follow-up of his/her file:

  • you may wish to choose for a day-to-day package, which implies that we take care of all the different aspects of the file, from the beginning of the recruitment process until the last day of residence in Belgium;
  • or you can choose “à la carte” for particular, individual services, e.g. only a “Limosa”-declaration, or just a work permit, or just the standard formalities for a stay in Belgium.

The services offered by Axeasy are the result of our staff’s long-standing hands-on experience: we possess an extensive practical know-how concerning all the aspects (administrative and other) of working with international personnel in Belgium. Furthermore, our service is characterized by a personal, confidential and neutral approach, which allows us to take into account the specific problems and needs of all parties involved.


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