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For consultants

You are a consultant wishing to come and work in Belgium.

To consultants (freelancers or employees; Europeans or non-Europeans) Axeasy offers Easy Access to the Belgian labour market: we help you deal with all administrative formalities concerning living and working in Belgium, in a neutral and independent manner.
You are a consultant and you received an offer to come and work in Belgium. You have probably heard about the complex administrative structure of this country, the language problems, the complicated labor laws and social laws (changing constantly at that!), the bureaucracy that makes even the simplest administrative formalities time-consuming…

You will shortly arrive in Belgium (or have already arrived!) and you would like to get started as soon as possible, but you are confronted with a large number of problems that you don’t really have time to deal with. Where shall I live? What exactly do I need to do in order to establish myself legally in a Belgian municipality? What professional status should I adopt (employee, self-employed consultant, with my own company or not, …) and what administrative requirements am I to fulfill? What are my fiscal and social obligations? How do I find my way through the Belgian administrative labyrinth?

These are all questions that we can help you with. The services that Axeasy offers you are the result of our staff’s long-standing hands-on experience: we possess an extensive practical know-how concerning all the problems (administrative and other) with which a consultant in Belgium is confronted. Furthermore, our service is characterized by a personal and confidential approach, which allows us to take into account the problems and needs specific to your profile and situation. From day one of your stay we can help you deal smoothly with all administrative affairs concerning living and working in Belgium.

Depending on your profile we will work out what are the various possibilities available to you, and look for the most advantageous solution. Which solutions are possible may depend on whether you are from a member state of the European Union or not:

If you are a consultant from a EU member state.

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If you are non-European (non-EU) consultant.

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